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The amazing healing of Art Therapy


Where words fail, the language of visual art can be heard more clearly and distinctly. A powerful and effective form of communication, art has increasingly become a therapeutic method for enhancing health and well-being, releasing traumatic experiences and alleviating stress or physical pain”

A have worked with clients who have used painting and drawing to reach a level of consciousness  which is simply amazing.  These are people who have never painted or drawn before. When I mentioned painting I can see the panic in their eyes.  After a little reassurance they then seem intrigued.

We are all creative in our own special ways.  As children we paint and draw all the time, there is no inhibitions, no one   telling them what to paint, they just use their imaginations.  They don’t copy from a bowl of fruit, they just use their innocent minds.

For my clients we just add colour to the paper, we meditate before the painting, so our minds are open and free from conscious thoughts. We add layers of colour and texture, it is a process that reveals an amazing picture of emotions and feelings.


This process can go for several sessions, as the process is uncovering some pretty deep layers. It always amazes me how much emotion and feelings are transferred onto the canvas.

The flow of creativity is quite addictive, I have uncovered  some pretty amazing artists with this creative flow.  They also go on to do this creative process with their children and friends.

 When they have finished their pictures, I do individual art readings for each person, this can be very revealing to my clients.

 When I have a couple working together it can be a great bonding experience especially if they have felt a disconnect in their relationships.

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