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Are You Getting The Love You Want?



Are getting the love you really want or are you settling for what you think you deserve?


Love can come in many different forms.
  • Loving yourself
  • Loving a child
  • Loving family members
  • Loving friends
  • Loving a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner.

Lets address the later relationship between a spouse or partner, boy/girlfriend. We pick the different partner, through different ages and stages in our lives, as a teenager for example we are more likely to pick someone because of looks and music or other interests, or if they have a mode of transportation which is  even better.  In the twenties it could still be looks, education, interests, goals & dreams.  In the thirties priorities are now changing,  we are looking for matches in how they would fare is a future life partner, dreams and goals etc. The changes go on and on in the forties, fifties and so on……..


If you are not lucky to have met the one and still looking for Mr./Mrs right, unless you realize  what has gone wrong in the past you will keep repeating the same mistake time and time again.


Some people do make the same decisions on the type and traits of their partner, it is a pattern for them. After a breakup they dust themselves off and get back on the same familiar train.   The train goes off the track again and again and they blame everyone except looking inward and finding out WHY.


I do have clients who desperately want to find someone and are looking in all the wrong places. We give off an energy to everyone around us, a confident, self assured person, who loves and respects themselves are not going to attract a person who has no confidence and self esteem who loathes themselves.  If you are attracting this type you need to look inwardly.

Part of my practice is to help show my client the areas they can work on, bring back self love into their life and to attract the love they have always imagined.


Love thyself FIRST