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Book a Soul/Body Reading



A soul reading from Catherine, will give you clarity in the answers you seek.

You may need insights in the following areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Professional/personal relationships
  • Romantic relationships


Email readings

If you are short on time and do not require an in depth intuitive reading. You can send me some questions on your current situation and challenges and I will give you clear and concise information and some options for your appropriate path.   

Phone/Skype reading

Throughout the reading, we work together to resolve issues that may keep you bound by fear and loss.  A reading is uplifting, liberating and healing, as I identify options on your current path I will tell you what you need to hear and messages from those around you. 

In home intuitive Body reading

I can intuitively scan your body to receive messages for you. This method can identify blockages, fear & insecurity. Your body holds onto a lot of information and when someone cannot move forward it shows up in the different areas of the body.  For this modality I receive messages from past lives and sometimes from spirit, if they have a message for you.  Your body is amazing  energy source and vibration. This session may involve chakra clearing and energy clearing and healing.


  •  Phone/skype reading:                                  $80.00 per 1 hour reading
  •  Intuitive body scanning/reading:              $120.00 per 1 hour reading
  •  Email Questions:                                           $30.00 for 2 questions            

 If you have any questions or book a reading please email me at: