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Chakra Clearing for Spring!


Spring is Here

Spring is about new beginnings, the Spring bulbs are peeping out of the soil.  The grass is looking greener, the birds seem to be chirping louder, the start of new beginnings.  Love, relationships and Life.   Some of us have been hibernating and have started doing our spring cleaning and organizing.

Not only do our yards and homes need the Spring clean out our Chakra’s need clearing and in some cases need healing also.Part of your spirit complex are seven chakras, and these run up the centre of your body from the base of the spine to the top of your head, red through violet.

  • Each holds potential for learning, knowledge, awareness and evolution.
  • Working on unblocking certain chakras can enable vital energy to flow, making you a more balanced person, resulting in inner harmony and peace.
  • You are then more able to approach life in a calm and balanced manner.

Chakra clearing should be done by an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner. I  also teach how to clear your own Chakras which can save your money and time.

Signs of blocked Chakra’s 

  • Feelings of being stuck, mentally and physically
  • Signs of depression and anxiety
  • Pain (discomfort) in various parts of the body
  • Relationship and work issues
  • Low self confidence and fear issues
  • Intuition not as strong as it use to be.
  • Not feeling in touch with yourself.
  • Disconnected from people and nature!

Special Offer for April only:  $80.00

What makes me different? I use a technique to scan the body for information, I received messages from each energy centre, so I not only know when the centre is blocked, I receive why and what you need to do to repair and changes needed in your life.  The changes may be nutritional, exercise, emotional, spiritual.

The final process is healing and a lesson how to clear your own chakras.

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