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Do you want to develop your Psychic Abilities?




 Do you want to develop your psychic ability

A brief explanation of the types of psychic ability:


Clairvoyance (clear-seeing)    Having “visions”, seeing images (still or moving) on the inner screen of the mind (eyes can be open or closed). Also includes seeing auras, apparitions, angels, etc. In other words, seeing beyond the physical. The area of the body that receives the psychic impressions for this sense is located in the center of the forehead (the Third Eye).


Claircognizance (clear-knowing)   Having knowledge of certain situations/people/places without having any information to facilitate such knowing. This can be things of the past, present or future (premonitions). A common statement from people who are strong in this ability is, “I don’t know how I know, I just know.” The location for this sense is on the top of the head (the Crown chakra).


Clairaudience (clear-hearing)   Hearing voices, music and other sounds that do not have a physical source. This can include hearing voices of those on the “other side” (deceased people), our guardian angels or spirit guides, our higher selves, or God/dess. This can also include hearing voices/music/sounds that are actually echoes of the past – this happens a lot in haunted buildings). The locations for this sense are on each side of the head, just above the ears.


Clairsentience (clear-feeling or clear-sensing)    “Feeling” things about people or situations that we otherwise could not know. People who are strong in this ability often talk about having “gut feelings” about things, and are usually very sensitive to energies and emotions of other people. Negative energies can often cause a wrenching or queasy feeling in the abdominal area. This sense can also warn of problematic up comings or situations (having a “bad” feeling about something). This sense is located in the solar plexus.


Clairalience (clear-smelling)     Smelling things that have no physical source. Very common in haunted areas, but can also be an indication that a deceased loved one is with us (i.e. smelling your mother’s favorite flower suddenly while in a closed room during winter). It can be their way of contacting us, letting us know they’re around.


Clairhambience (clear-tasting)   Tasting things without having eaten them. Most often relates to spirit communication, as with Clairalience.


Have you experienced occurrences when you were a child and forgot about them? Have you seen or felt someone after they passed over? Do you want an explanation of what you have seen? 


Through my courses we develop/heighten these senses, we use various tests and I teach about ways and techniques you can use on your Psychic journeys, we use techniques in guided meditations.