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Goodbye to a relationship, hello to new beginnings!


 New Beginnings!


This article is not just for women, men are going through the same thing, this is for everyone.  This is about strength and finding out who we really are, this becomes apparent after a breakup of a relationship.


This blog is about giving hope to everyone out there who are either in the middle of a breakup  or healing from the sadness. Just to let you know there is hope and new beginnings for everyone.  I have a few clients at the moment who are either thinking about ending a relationship or are right in the middle of it. The future is looking rather bleak and they are feeling lost at this time.


There is Hope and Possibilities 


I know this first hand from my personal experience, I don’t ever recognize myself from a year ago.  I have changed so much  for the better and have experienced so many wondrous things.  I think family and friends thought I had lost my marbles at some point in time, but in a good way.


The following ideas are something for you to think about.

  •  Allow yourself to grieve for the loss of the relationship.
  • Spend time with family and friends and talk and share with them.
  • It is okay to cry, don’t get upset with yourself, this needs to happen, TRUST ME  I know.
  • Do nice things for yourself, treat and be kind to yourself
  • Eat healthier get lots of rest and relaxation
  • Take up new interests; art, sports, try new things
  • Take courses, read more, educate yourself on something new. Could be a language or hobbies
  • Go on vacation, travel and explore a new place or country
  • Love yourself and find yourself again, be tender
  • Let the anger and disappointment go
For me it was a chance to  go on vacation and go somewhere new, I went with a group and did not know anyone, I was forced to go out of my comfort zone and for me, it was healing.
I have taken up new sports and activities, I have met some amazing new friends because of this, I thank God everyday, that these amazing people have been brought into my lives.  My GRATITUDE Is surmountable.
My Psychic and Mediumship abilities were strong before, they  now have changed to a new vibration, that is not even measurable. The support I received from spirit and my guides was truly life saving.  I feel so blessed that I have gift to be able to have received their support, because of this experience my Psychic abilities has been strengthened because of the pain, I had to go through at that time.
I feel very blessed that I went through that experience, because it has changed my life for the better and I can now help others, through the same process.