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Is death to be feared?



                                               Is Death to be feared?

When we pass away, if through illness or through an accident or old age. We are born and and created.   We are sometimes reincarnated from others that have passed. Sometimes we are a new perfect being, no past lives.  


 We are born to parents who do the best for us in their own ways.  We go through various stages in our childhood. We grow with knowledge and in physical body; we get taller, bigger and stronger. We gain knowledge from our parents and in school, College, University. All the time our cells are ever changing; every 10 years we are not the same person, hair and teeth, skin cells come and go, we are not the same.


At the end of our lives (some sooner sadly), we ascend to another state of being, this level could be free of illness or suffering from our present human form. Some people who are left behind experience a type of peace and relief, because they know their loved ones felt so much physical pain in their body.


Our loved ones are so missed, Mothers, Fathers, Children, Grandparents, Friends even Pets.  Every person has made their mark in your life; they have changed your life forever. We  grieve and miss them so much, their memory is priceless.  We are forever grateful that we experienced life with that person or persons.  You may want to think of them as a Gift from your God.


I have seen people who have just passed and are still hovering over their body, it is very instant for them and sometimes the shock on their faces at seeing their bodies is almost funny.  They are amazed and come to the realization that so this is what everyone is talking about


They also visit their own funerals, in some cases and some people in the congregation sense this, they also find this amusing, especially when people that attended the funeral didn’t have time for them when they were alive.

I channel spirit guides and spirits; I know they are around you; some protecting you some guiding you through your daily lives.  They come in your dreams and reassure you that everything will be okay. For you to know they are looking after you is very important to know and if it gives you some kind of closure.


It is the circle of Life & Love