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Is there something holding you back from success?


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Is there something holding you back from success?

I always find this subject fascinating, I know from personal experience that finding my true calling or passion has taken a while.  I have gone down many different paths, each time learning something new or realizing that it is not want I want to do.

I talk to my clients about finding their true passion, sometimes they look at me with a blank stare and say I don’t know.  After a little probing from me they hit upon it, and a smile comes over their face.  Does it bring you joy, do you excited about it?

Sometimes we loose track of ourselves in our day to day lives, we get lost.


When someone is changing careers or thinking of changing their jobs, I ask the same questions:
  • Why do you want a change 
  • What makes you happy
  • Where is your passion
  • What are you expecting from this new career
  • How determined are you
  • What is your motivation;money, success, self worth, recognition from others.
  • What has held you back in life

Some clients have stumbling blocks, these are very intelligent people, absolutely brilliant in their fields, well respected and amazing people.  They just have not attained their true potential and they know it.  There is a feeling of disappointment, inside of them and a feeling of lacking, they cannot put their fingers on it, but they know.

What is truly amazing is when they come to me, we talk and things start bubbling to the surface and they are unexpected things that they have not even thought of.  

I love this process with my clients and each person that I help become aware, is a truly wonderful thing.