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Who are you really?



The biggest hurdle most of us deals with is LOVING OURSELVES.  I mean really loving who we  are, imperfections and all.

How many people can really look in the mirror and say I am beautiful and wonderful and truly everything that is good. I treat other as I want to be treated. I am loving and compassionate and I truly believe that I creative in everything I do and see.


When you get to this stage in life it is truly amazing,  everything around you is LUMINOUS, the trees are greener the flowers are more beautiful the sky is an amazing colour of blue. You see, people in a different way. You are less critical of others and you see the best in people instead of seeing their faults.


You attract a difference type of person, the friends who are in drama are no longer including you as you don’t want to engage in the drama.  You are attracting like minded people the ones that are funny and can laugh at themselves, positive, creative and take care of their mind and body. You will be drawn to certain people and repelled by others.


You will find that you have less in common with the friends from years past and you notice their energy is different.  They have not changed your energy has changed you are vibrating to a new vibration and it feels that you have freedom to whom you choose to surround yourself with.


You become a stranger to the miserable world, you don’t create misery for yourself or for anyone else.  You live your life in total freedom, without any consideration for what others say.

When you really LOVE yourself, you feel:

  • Creative
  • Positive
  • Other people’s opinions don’t matter anymore
  • You feel healthier; less health issues
  • You walk taller and your posture has improved
  • You are eating well and choosing healthier options
  • You are spending as much time in the outdoors
  • You take up  new hobbies or interests
  • You are sleeping better
  • You want to learn or teach
  • If you are single you want to love again.