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Meditation for your Health

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Meditation for your Health


Reasons to Meditate

  •  Reduces Stress
  •  Helps you sleep
  •  Allows you to focus on the things that matter
  •  Gives you time to yourself
  •  Strengthens your immune system
  •  Brings clarity to difficult situations


Forms of Meditation

  •  Prayer
  •  Guided Meditation in a group setting
  •  Guided Meditation at home in room in your house
  •  Music meditation on your ipod/cell phone
  •  Music meditation on a CD
  •  Sitting in complete stillness and quiet
  •  Walking meditations

Places to Meditate

  •  At home in a quiet place
  •  In the garden
  •  In church or temple
  •  Walking/hiking or running
  •  A golf course/ski hill
  •  Near a lake
  •  In a forest
  •  Anywhere with the sounds of nature

Did you know

The most prestigious meditation study to date done by the American Heart Association shows that regular meditation twice a day was correlated with a 48% reduced rate of heart attack and stroke immediately. Blood pressure was reduced and anger decreased significantly among the meditation group. They also showed a trend towards reduced smoking.


“It appears that Transcendental Meditation is a technique that turns on the body’s own pharmacy – to repair and maintain itself.” said lead researcher Dr Robert Schneider, director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention in Iowa. Dr Schneider added: “Transcendental Meditation may reduce heart disease risks for both healthy people and those with diagnosed heart conditions.”


“The research on Transcendental Meditation and cardiovascular disease is established well enough that doctors may safely and routinely prescribe stress reduction for their patients with this easy to implement, standardised and practical programme.”


The study was funded by the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Studies on the effects of mediation have been done countless times, but this is by far the most prestigious and recognized study to date, proving that simply meditating 20 minutes twice a day can cut your chances of sudden death, heart attack, and stroke in half immediately. What man-mad pill can do that?


What can you do for yourself


So what is your excuse for not meditating, when you know the benefits? Do you have one, or is it the time you think you don’t have?

Just start with just 5 minutes a day, five minutes turns to 10 mins very easily. Those 5 minutes a day is life changing. After a while it can turn into 30 mins to an hour. Sometimes we need a short meditation other times because of stress and daily challenges it needs to be longer.

Meditation becomes a healthy habit that we can ill afford to ignore.


I offer meditation classes to my clients and it has changed their lives and their families, they are introducing meditation to their children who are sleep better and even ask every night for the beautiful meditation music.

Meditation is changing so many lives for the better.