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Have you met your Soul Mate?

Have you met your Soul Mate and didn’t know it?

I have met and loved several soul mates—in many different forms and relationships. I define “soul mate” as a soul with whom I have had so many meaningful encounters in so many other lifetimes and dimensions, I know them almost instantly upon meeting them again.


They feel so familiar, they are easy to be around, comfortable like family, instant friends. Some are meant to stay in your life for a short time and others a life time. Soul mates can be teachers, or we may enter their lives to teach them a life lesson.


One romantic relationship, I had years ago was only for a short time, before vanishing back into the universe, this relationship rocked my life for several years.  We gave each other those karmic gifts and then were done. The pain I suffered when this ended, was something I have never felt before nor since.  The soul mates that are heart breaking, are the ones where timing is an issue. I know I will meet him again in another life.


My Ex seemed familiar when we met by chance at a Christmas Potluck, it was a small gathering and he was the only man there, he sat next to me on a comfy couch, we clicked instantly, we kept bumping into each other at other events, he eventually asked me out to dinner.   He was a deeply sensitive man, he didn’t feel that he fitted in life and nor did I.   The Universe brought a beautiful man to me and it was a life changing experience.

We could be in the same room without speaking and it felt right.  I feel very blessed  I met him; he taught me unconditional love and I was there to nurture and dust off his angel wings. I had energy cords attached to me for years, which had to be severed on several occasions, when he came into my thoughts, I knew he was thinking about me.  He probably was oblivious to our connection and went on his merry way to learn more love lessons.


I have come across many soul mates in many different lifetimes over the years. As an intuitive and body soul reader, I find them all the time—mine and for clients too—in past lives and in this current life. Knowing we are supposed to meet certain people is a great help to us, especially when they end. If you open your life to the possibility of meeting your romantic soul mate, he/she will come into your life.  

They can be heartbreaking and annoying, but they are our beautiful soulful experiences.

Love them with an open heart!

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