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Music heals the Mind & Body.

Music heals

 Music heals the Mind & Body – Absolutely

Music has always been recognized as having a powerful effect on human consciousness. But in the past few years, there has been more research into the science of sound, and how it can be used to improve our lives. We are learning why different kinds of music and sounds have the effects that they do on the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.  A strong enough vibration can even cause a form to restructure itself, as has been noted with cancer cells.

There is a difference  between healing and curing: Curing is an end product or  result.

The definition of Disease is Dis ease 

Healing is a process ” Healing is a movement from disharmony to harmony.  The journey of healing then is a spiritual awakening with consequences on our physical well being. As we awaken, our perspective shifts. As our perspective shifts, our vibration shifts. As our vibration shifts, our cellular make up shifts.

The link between body and spirit has been much ignored by the medical profession but the link is quite clear. Healing can lead to being cured. But if someone is simply cured on a physical level, without sufficient healing, the core issue that caused the condition in the first place is likely to come again. A vital step in the healing process is to establish the core issue of the condition.

A few ways that sound or music vibrations can heal

  • Sound can come from a modality called “Sound Reiki” in which I have practiced. Which is very powerful.  In this practice you use your voice resonate to a pitch  to help with the healing process of yourself or others.
  • Music in meditation  can be an amazing healer both for the mind & body;  this can include chanting, drums and any type of music that resonates with you and can raise your vibrations. Your soul has a connection to this sound on some level. You feel the vibrations and sensations in your body.
  • Another amazing sound which I use in healing is “Singing Bowls” Placing bowls directly on the body significantly increases their effectiveness. The bowls vibrate at the frequency of perfection, otherwise known as the Sanskrit mantra AUM. The harmonic resonance of the bowls literally pulls us back into a more universal energetic flow. They effectively transmit their soothing and peaceful vibrations through our 70% water body in a way that affects our entire nervous and immune system and initiates the relaxation response bringing us into a Theta brainwave state.  The healing potential is greatly increased because you are receiving the vibrations in your muscles and organs in addition to hearing them.  If you don’t have a bowl you can use a singing bowl CD, which is also very effective.

 Dr Mitch Gaynor, Director of Oncology at the Cornel Cancer Prevention Center states: “‘Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.

This is not to say that you should not receive Western Medicine,  complimentary medicine, only enhances the healing process and does not give you the side effects.  What ever healing you receive; positive feelings and vibrations go along way.