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Book a Soul/body Reading



A private soul reading with me, will influence every area of your life. I am  authentic and approach my life work seriously and with integrity. My  energy  has my clients  at ease and leaves a sense of comfort long after the session is over. I have a  unshakeable trust and connection to the Universe that helps clients gain a deeper sense of understanding and awareness of their own life.   Every reading is a partnership with the client to gather and communicate specific,  meaningful information.

I connect with my guides to provide an in-depth assessment of your current overall mind, body and spirit health. It’s a bit like a soul health-check! These sessions offer insight, validation, and bring emotional balance as well as offering potential solutions and options in your life. I gather evidence and work with your guides to enrich your life. In this session, you may review the following areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Professional relationships
  • Personal relationships
  • Relationship to money/love

Reading over the phone,Throughout the reading, we work together to resolve issues that may keep you bound by emotional constraints (often from recurring patterns), which can leave you in a constant state of pain. The whole process of connection is uplifting, liberating and healing, as we identify options in your current path on this journey called life. By connecting with your soul, you’re able to learn more about yourself and see your life from a larger perspective. By working with me, I will show you how to think in more expansive ways and gain insights into the events in your life.

In a Intuitive Body reading, this is an unbelievable session, I intuitively scan your body to receive messages for you. This method can identify blockages, fear & insecurity. Your body holds onto a lot of information and when someone cannot move forward it shows up in the different areas of the body.  For this modality I receive messages from past lives and sometimes from spirit, if they have a message for you.  Your body is amazing and the energy and vibrations emitting from your energy systems can be life changing.  This is different from Reiki and Chakra clearings, this comes from a soul level.

What choices Do I have to book a reading:

  • A Phone reading      $80.00 per 1 hour reading
  • In Person Intuitive body Reading   $120.00 per 1 hour reading

 If you would like to book a reading of any kind  please use this contact form and I will contact you within 24 hours.


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