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Intuitive/Psychic Development Classes


I feel that is important to share my wisdom and gifts with anyone who would love to tap into their own intuition, we all have some degree of ability, however we don’t always know how to work on our intuitions and how to receive messages from your loved ones.

Learn which gifts are giving you information, and learn to further advance those natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, mediumship, claircognizance, or any other natural psychic ability you have been blessed with. finding the pathway for your gifts, or for the more advanced, bringing your services to others.

If you feel you have abilities and would like to ask questions and receive help in developing them further. I offer a one on one Phone Consultation: $30.00 to discuss your Psychic Abilities and gifts.   

Course may include:

  • Powerful meditations which will help your contact your loved ones and spirit guides.
  • We will identify any negative energy cords attached to you and how to cut them.
  • You will be introduced to Chakra clearing techniques and why it is so important to do.
  • You will learn about Spiritual healing.
  • You will be learn about angels, spirit guides, protection and grounding
  • You will learn about Native Indian teachings and smudging techniques.
  • You will learn about crystals, psychometry and pendulums.
  • Card readings

My Blogs & Information on Psychic Development:

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