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Intuitive Soul Readings


 A good reading will confirm what you already know and you are seeking confirmation on. It should give you inspiration and hope to continue on your path, give you insights as to why things may be not going as you would like, show you an objective perspective on issues you may be struggling about or give you clarity about things you need to know about so you can move on confident and at peace.

A Toronto  Soul Intuitive; To receive messages for you I use a method of channeling, I receive the messages that you need to know at this point in your journey, I give you suggestions  on how you can make changes to gain as much happiness in your life. To receive joy and see through fears to pure joy.

I believe in empowering others, I help  you  break through any and all emotional barriers. What used to take weeks, months or even years can now be done in a matter of hours with my techniques, allowing you to reach your greatest potential and joyfully step into your life purpose. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you having problems with a  relationship or starting a new one.
  • Do you want to make a career choice or making changes in your job.
  • Family issues or it could be blocks and lack of passion in their life.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business people who want to receive information on their new ventures or making choices in their current ventures.         

Clients have come to me to help them make important decisions in their lives,  I give a honest information from source and my readings are  life changing positive experiences. 

My clients  like to keep in touch so I see how they are progressing. Some need on going coaching.

I  give email reading or phone readings or in person readings.

 Cell: 416-564-2854

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