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My Favourite Sacred Space Meditation

My sacred meditation

One of my favorite meditations is the Sacred Space Meditation.  This is more a visualization than a meditation, but it can also be incredibly calming and refreshing, so I include it here. You are going to create a sacred space for yourself. Not in your house or yard, but in your soul. This will be a place that is always accessible to you, no matter how  for the stressful things in your life become. Find an area in your home which is calm and comfortable, it is a good idea to light candles or have crystals around, partly for the energy and vibrations.


Begin by doing some deep, slow breathing. Visualize a chamber around you and the room you are in, fill that chamber with beautiful white light of protection, a good idea is to also ground yourself at the same time.


Once you are relaxed, visualize a peaceful place. It can be a sunny meadow, a deep, shadowed forest, a mountaintop, an ocean beach, a stream, beautiful gardens – anywhere that you feel calm and peaceful. This can be a “real” place you’ve been to in life, or it can be completely made up. Take a few minutes to see the details of this sacred space. Are there flowers, trees, or maybe some trickling water? Is it sunny, or raining? Are there flat rocks, or perhaps benches to sit on? Are there other people or animals there, or are you by yourself? Is it silent, or is music softly playing in the distance? Incorporate anything you want into your sacred space, even if it wouldn’t make much sense in the “real world”. 
Once you have your Sacred Space created, you can go there frequently to calm your spirit and recharge your batteries. Spend as much time as you want there. Don’t be surprised if sometimes others show up there too. Even though this place is “imaginary”, it really isn’t imaginary. This is a real place you have created in the spirit realm. Your spirit guides may choose to introduce themselves to you there. Or a deceased loved one may stop in to visit. Don’t doubt these experiences, embrace them! Always trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, remove it. Remember that you are the master of your domain, this is your Sacred Space, and you have the right to remove anything that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable.


After you come out of your meditation(s), you may feel spacey and lightheaded. Take your time in coming back to the physical world. Place your feet on the floor for a few minutes before standing up. Take a few deep, slow breaths, and look around the room.


My meditation group has received some very powerful messages from their guides and enjoy visiting this sacred space to heal and receive guidance.