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What makes me different from any other Psychic?

A Psychic with honesty and credibility, I am not a fortune teller, I take my abilities seriously with integrity.

My readings come from an amazing amount of compassion and understanding for life experiences, I give an honest and true reading, that is direct but only telling what you need to know. 

I have been Intuitive from a young age, well as long as I can remember.  I saw people who had passed over and at one time had spirits sat on the end of my bed, which as you could image was a scary thing.  I always knew things and would warn family and friends about situations they may find themselves in.  I also had premonitions about events that were coming up and could sense energy both positive and negative from people I met.

I have worked with people in a healing capacity and also doing readings, I also love to hold meditations and teach classes.

The psychics and mediums and intuitive that are on this path are the walking wounded and are on this path for a reason.  Even if it is just connecting someone with their loved ones so they can tell them things they never ever got to say, it is a great privilege and I am grateful everyday. I would never abuse my gift as it can easily be taken away and many famous psychics have gone through that problem and have ended up loosing some of their gifts.


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