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I have been Intuitive from a very young age, I am originally from England and grew up in York, Yorkshire which is a beautiful city dating back to the Vikings. I am a huge History buff and love visiting historical castles and churches and museums, these locations  are full of spirits  and mystical energy.

As a young child I use to get nightly visits from a beautiful dark haired spirit, who would just sit and the end of my bed and did not say a word. I have some wonderful stories about the spirits I have encountered, some nice and some not so nice.

I have several spirit guides who have helped me in my practice. These guides have  given warnings  and premonitions about events, which has saved my life and others. My Grandmother was also an intuitive, I found this out after her passing. She also guides me in my readings.

I am a painter and a keen photographer and love capturing orbs in my photographs.

I practice meditation and grounding on a daily basis, which is important in my healing practice. My gifts have  developed through the years, including; energy healing,  past lives, a reader and a teacher.  I am still learning and growing and will forever. My practice promotes the mind body spirit connection, the power of intention is a powerful healer.  I teach intuitive development and the benefits of meditation and grounding.

I feel very blessed to have these beautiful gifts and I always bring integrity and compassion to each reading.





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