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Smudging and Sacred Medicines

I just attended an amazing talk on Native Indian Herbal Medicines and Smudging, given my two very gifted Native Indian leaders. My knowledge of smudging, I thought was enough to get me through cleansing my home and myself and others. Little did I know how much more there was to it.   The Elders say […]

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Have you thought of bringing a Psychic when you buy/sell a house?

Have you ever thought of bringing an intuitive with you when you are thinking of buying a house?  It is a good idea and I have been asked to do this service.  It is amazing what you can pick up when you are entering a house, sadness, grief, marriage breakup, happiness or even the spirit […]

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What is an Angel and what is a spirit guide?

Angels are usually beings of Light that have not incarnated on earth before. (Though in certain cases some of them may have) They work closely with God and humans, helping to uplift, encourage and comfort us when we are in need. They may also come to deliver important messages to us, or to facilitate some […]

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