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When are you good enough?

 We all have the knowledge and Power within us.


The biggest challenge I have with some of my clients,  is that they don`t see their full potential.   When I do readings I see wonderful positive upcoming events for them.  The biggest issue I see is my clients not believing in themselves.  They have negative feelings about who they are and what they have accomplished, they have lost themselves and have become down and their SELF WORTH  has diminished over time.



Finding Inner Peace

Inner peace is within us all, we have that place in our hearts which give us joy.  The trick is to find this place again. When we have inner child issues, it catches up with us at some point in our lives, it can come up in a romantic relationship, where you feel that you are not getting the love you want, you may feel that you are not heard or ignored, you may feel you need to have control of the relationship the scenarios are endless.

The inner child issue can also be triggered at work, do you feel under payed, over worked, your boss does not respect you?  however you don’t have the courage  to find a new job or go back to school.

Do you have issues with family and friends, do you feel that they use and abuse your good nature?  Do you have boundary issues and cannot say no? These feeling me have can bring up emotions that trigger  us into a reaction.  If we do not know why we are feeling like this, we cannot start the healing process and reach our full potential.



 We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.

What a powerful statement, when you think about, the people are you, do you have spiritual people who are positive and only want the best for you?  Or do you have the energy suckers who, are envious and try and bring you down.  Do you have people around you who are always in crisis and drama and you are the first person that they call and after many phone calls you feel exhausted and know that nothing is going to change.

To Change our destiny we have to change our thoughts, vibrations and the way we perceive ourselves first.